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COATECH is a leader in the manufacture, development, distribution and sales of powder coatings powders.

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About Us

COATECH established In the year 2000, and is located in Egypt. Our facility covers an area of 130,000 sq ft of production space, As one of the rst companies in the eld of powder coating technology in the middle east, Our headquarters and imports receivables / domestic distribution is located in Northern California Providing optimum efficiency and handling for all incoming customers orders.
COATECH materials is a leader in the manufacture, development, distribution and sales of powder coatings powders. We extend out to industrial, commercial, and retail customers, delivering comprehensive nishing solutions that bring value to every aspect of your business.
COATECH offers thermosetting powder coatings featuring state of the art formulas. ranging from epoxy, polyester, and Hybrids, for interior and exterior use. wide choice of colors, surfaces and gloss levels.

Our Mission

Our Existence: We work under the Umbrella of integrity, discipline, and adherence to company principles .
Our Capital : Our capital lies in research and development, staging, customers and suppliers.
We strive for customers loyalty, and satisfaction above all .
Our Path : We know our path to success is in having confidence in our company,product, and staff.

We are always looking for the latest in science development, and specialization in our field so we can set our company apart from the competition .

Our Goals

To expand our high quality products to meet the customer demands in the global market . We are customizing special powder coating to match the special needs of our customers, Increasing the production ability from 400 to 600 tons per month .
To satisfy our customers through developing distinctive products that help them to grow.
Having the Scale of Justice to judge between quality, cost and quick implementation.